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Word of Mouth

Most of our clients come to us as referrals through word of mouth. We have had some feed back from clients that being able to make contact with other previous clients to discuss what they had experienced before , during and after the program would have been of assistance,  especially in the difficult decision make stage about the programs suitability.

We have some very generous previous clients that have given us permission to broker such one on one exchanges,  Some may be limited to just email and some by phone,  Please contact us if you feel this will help you,  We will also match your child’s age and sex to that of the previous client.

Location Visits

We will be visiting Northern Tasmania (Devenport) in the first half of February 2016. Some limited space may be available for initial assessments.

Visits covering South Australia, Tasmainia or country Victoria can also be arranged for group bookings as required.

I think the program is AWESOME and It has transformed my son’s life. He has grown in ability and confidence in an incredibly short space of time. My son, aged 10, was experiencing significant issues in school. Although in grade 4 his reading, spelling and comprehension were at grade 2 level. He found it hard to learn, yet he had developed some great coping strategies in the classroom and often flew under the radar. We had tried strategies at home to help him, but it provided to be very difficult. He hated reading or any type of written work. Verbally articulate and a clever kid, he was increasingly falling behind his peers. This made him feel “stupid” and he would give up really easily. The turning point for us was his teacher calling me into school and saying that he hadn’t got a score on the testing (He needed a score of 100 to land somewhere on the cart – but his score was below this). His teacher had seen a previous pupil benefit from the program and suggested we try it. We were unsure at the start. The concept seemed strange. We had tried other things, why would this be any different? But, we thought we had nothing to lose…. lets give it a go. That was 4 months ago. Our son is a changed boy! He just took the same test and scored in the high 300’s! He is almost at grade 4 level for his reading, spelling and writing!! He reads to me every single day, and now he is picking up a book himself, by choice and reading! I can hear him laughing and enjoying himself. Just this week he had a spelling test and scored 19 out of 20! He was so thrilled, and so were we. The program is different, it is “out there”. It required dedication, a lot of disciple, homework and a big commitment from parents. The key for us was keeping going after the program had finished and going back to the start with words, spellings etc to help him catch up! The end result is a happy boy, who likes school, who is confident, proud of himself and who is almost on a par with his peers. It was the best decision we ever made, and i would highly highly highly recommend the program to other parents and their kids.


My 8year old had Dyslexia & after receiving the treatments at the Alison Lawson Centre he can now read & write beautifully. He really enjoys going to school now because he understands & remembers what he reads. He’s doing really well with catching up with his peers & he no longer feels like he’s being left out. His confidence has improved immensely & he loves to read chapter books because now they make sense when he reads the stories. He is able to put together expressive & creative stories when writing. His whole world has changed & everything makes sense because he can understand everything he is reading & he is able to communicate it through his writing. Thank you so much to Kirsty, Pip & all the staff at the Alison Lawson Centre in Croydon, Victoria xxx


You have changed my daughters life- I am so grateful for the assistance from the Alison Lawson Centre I am continually talking to parents and sharing our story. Could not recommend it more highly. You have changed the lives of 2 of my daughters and my husband. Thank you