QuestionsQ: How long does the Initial Assessment take?

A: On average an Initial assessment will run for 1.5 hours however we recommend allowing at least 2 hours.

Q: What should I bring with me to the Initial Assessment?

A: Please bring with you a copy of the client’s handwriting, preferably not a good copy just their average every day writing, along with any recent school reports or psychological reports

Q: Is there parking close to the Croydon centre?

A: Parking directly out the front of the centre is only for 1 hour so we suggest the 3 hour car park behind the shops on either side. Parking is most often available no more than 1 block from the ALCV.

Q: How long does each session take?

A: Each of the ten sessions will run for one hour.

Q: Do I need to complete all 10 sessions?

A: In order to progress through the 7 layers of the visual cortex and set the changes to make the treatment effective and permanent all 10 sessions must be completed.

Q: How soon can I expect to see improvements?

A: We monitor the progress of clients to determine the changes they are experiencing throughout the program. Improvements are often noticed by clients within the first half of the treatment.

Q: After completing all 10 sessions will any extra work be required?

A: Once the treatment has been completed, there are no more eye exercises or homework to be done.
There will however be gaps in the client’s knowledge from the years of their life spent with visual dyslexia. It is important to catch up on these gaps, and a tutor may be needed. The therapist will provide recommendations at the final assessment.

Q: Will I need to wear glasses?

A: Specialised glasses are worn during the treatment to assist in strengthening the eyes. If you wear glasses normally for short or long sightedness, you may wish to have your eyes tested again after completing treatment. If your prescription was a mild one, you may not need them any more as the treatment will have improved your eyesight.

Q: Is the treatment redeemable with Medicare?

A: Unfortunately no. Australia unlike countries such as America and England, does not recognise dyslexia as a disability and therefore receives no government funding.

Q: Can I claim for the treatment with my private health insurance?

A: No. You can however request a referral from your general practitioner as the treatment is medical and can be claimed as part of your yearly medical expenses within your tax return.

Q: What payments do you accept?

A: We accept cash, cheque or credit card. If you wish to pay for the treatment in full, a direct debit is also an option.

Q: Do I have to pay for the treatment upfront?

A: Not at all, we are happy to have you pay each time you visit if that’s easier for you. Our friendly receptionist can provide you with a receipt each time you pay.

Q: What age is too old to do the treatment?

A: The treatment works for clients as young as 6 and over 60 years of age.