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The ALCV program is an exceedingly well structured program that has made great changes for our kids. Their school results have improved markedly and we can’t speak highly enough about the care and professionalism of the therapists who run the program.

Our son came to ALC as an eight year old with very little confidence in reading and writing. He was seriously falling behind in class and we were very worried.

He completed the course the week before Christmas therefore he had a good 6 week break before returning to school.

He has started the year as a different child. Happy to read each night and really enjoying it. Neat writing, no more tears about homework.

We are so excited for his future.

The 5 weeks of the course were really tough. We made a pact as a family to make it our number one priority each and every day.

My husband and I made sure one of us was with him everyday to complete tasks. We had tears and tough days but got through it together.

Couldn’t recommend the course higher.

Put in the effort and reap the rewards.

Despite having over a years private tutoring nothing seemed to be ‘sticking’ for our seven year old son Archie, prior to treatment at The Alison Lawson Centre. Archie adored Fiona and felt relieved that someone finally understood him. 

       Immediately after treatment we noticed improvements at home eg. the ability to recognise right from left which he had not been able to before. Archie was able to remember and perform a set of instructions better. His organisational and memory skills had improved. 

         After a term of school post treatment not only us but Archie’s teachers have noticed a profound improvement particularly in writing and reading. Archie now enjoys and has gone up levels in reading instead of fighting to avoid completing his nightly reader. Prior to treatment Archie and us could barely read what he had written. There were few spaces between words, many letters were incorrectly or written backwards. He can now write in much straighter lines and has grasped  correct letter formation including spaces between words and thus can fluently read what he has written. 

Archie’s confidence has improved out of sight. 

We are now feeling excited to see where Archie’s learning can take him! 

Thank you Fiona we are so blessed to have found you! 


Jett found school life to be quite challenging until we came to the Alison Lawson Centre. With his hard work and dedication Jett is now reading and writing at the level that is required of him. Jett’s confidence both in schooling and with friends has escalated and we are finding a much happier little man as a result of his treatment. I highly recommend anyone considering this treatment to give it a go. We found it absolutely priceless and are confident Jett’s future will be a bright one.