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Thank you just doesn’t seem enough! My 11 year old son’s life has chaned for the better. He is happier, more confident and is improving at school. He has tutoring to fill in the gaps in his learning and his reading is improving all the time! It seems he now has the capacity to retain what he learns! He can run, jump, climb and catch a ball better than ever before too!


I thoroughly recommend this treatment and we cannot believe how lucky we were to stumble across something so amazing. Why this is not available to every child that is struggling is a travesty. We have seen some amazing changes with Lachlan. Whilst we still have a long way to go with Lachlan filling in the gaps he has missed over 5 years of Primary School there is no doubt that his handwriting and spelling has improved dramatically and his ability to re learn and retain his time tables has been amazing. Lachlan’s grades were horrible at school and I was getting more and more concerned every day about this but I seemed to be the only person worrying. He was just classed as a slow learner but I knew differently. His vocabulary for a boy his age was amazing and his knowledge about the world around him was astounding but when it came to writing and spelling and maths, forget it. He was classed as an independent reader at school but he did use to substitute words a lot and it wasn’t until I went to the Alison Lawson Centre to have him evaluated that I found out the reason why this was happening. Going back, at first I thought school was just too boring for him but when I first went to this website to do the questionare and started answering yes to a lot of the symptoms for visual dyslexia a light bulb just went off and I knew this was his problem. So all I can say is always trust your mummy instincts, they are usually right and don’t let others talk you out of it thinking they know better. Nobody nows your child like you do. The staff at the centre are just lovely, caring and patient people and Lachlan really enjoyed going there even though the eye exercises and homework got overwhelming at times. You have to remember that it is only for a very short period and even he see’s that now it was well worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you form the bottom of our hearts xxx


My son Kaeden found it to be a wonderful experience as he was able to understand that he wasn’t dumb as he would put it, but that he was born with this condition and it could be helped. He was told that many other people have Dyslexia and are still very successful in life, like Tom Cruise and Richard Branson and they are multi millionaires, Kaeden was very excited as he realised that if they could be so successful and Dyslexia didn’t hold them back then it didn’t have to hold Kaeden back. Kaeden has gained more confidence in himself, his reading has slowly improved, his reading comprehension has improved his spelling and memory have slowly improved. Kaeden loved coming twice a week and was dissapointed when the sessions finished as he loved working with all the girls. Kaeden did find at times it difficult to do all the eye excercises but he did realise that they were going to help him in the long run and he kept persisting. Kaeden still struggles but things are slowly getting easier. It is hard to make up for lost time but hopefully with the help he has received from the clinic and the help we continually give him things will only keep getting easier for my son.


Will is discovering great success with the support of ALCV, his school, teacher, tutors and family – without all of these he would not have been able to achieve some magnificent milestones recently including a 12 month catch up in maths in only 4 months, scoring 100% on spelling tests and being able to be a valued member of his new footy club. We are thrilled with his progress, especially after many years of what felt like poking around in the dark, throwing money, time and energy at treatments that made temporary or no difference. Each day we can see his confidence grow and we hold hope for bright future of his choice.


You have changed my daughters life- I am so grateful for the assistance from the Alison Lawson Centre I am continually talking to parents and sharing our story. Could not recommend it more highly. You have changed the lives of 2 of my daughters and my husband. Thank you