After many years of searching for answers for Ruby’s learning difficulties, it was such a relief to have her assessed by Fiona to find that the Alison Lawson Centre would be able to help her. Ruby was an anxious girl, who didn’t like to complete tasks in front of strangers. Fiona and Kirsty quickly made her feel comfortable within a very supportive learning environment and tutor/student relationship. The program was amazing! It was tailored to exactly what Ruby needed to do and learn as she progressed through the 10 sessions. As Ruby’s eye settled, and she recognised a difference in her ability to see, remember and learn, her confidence just soared. Fiona and Kirsty were extremely gentle in their approach, but with high expectations. Expectations that Ruby proudly strived to reach.They both took as much time as necessary for Ruby to understand what she was doing and they gave her genuine feedback on her achievements and progress. We will be forever grateful for the work Fiona and Kirsty did with Ruby. Ruby now has the opportunity to be the girl she is meant to be and to achieve her dreams and goals. We cannot thank you enough.