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Despite having over a years private tutoring nothing seemed to be ‘sticking’ for our seven year old son Archie, prior to treatment at The Alison Lawson Centre. Archie adored Fiona and felt relieved that someone finally understood him. 

       Immediately after treatment we noticed improvements at home eg. the ability to recognise right from left which he had not been able to before. Archie was able to remember and perform a set of instructions better. His organisational and memory skills had improved. 

         After a term of school post treatment not only us but Archie’s teachers have noticed a profound improvement particularly in writing and reading. Archie now enjoys and has gone up levels in reading instead of fighting to avoid completing his nightly reader. Prior to treatment Archie and us could barely read what he had written. There were few spaces between words, many letters were incorrectly or written backwards. He can now write in much straighter lines and has grasped  correct letter formation including spaces between words and thus can fluently read what he has written. 

Archie’s confidence has improved out of sight. 

We are now feeling excited to see where Archie’s learning can take him! 

Thank you Fiona we are so blessed to have found you! 


Jett found school life to be quite challenging until we came to the Alison Lawson Centre. With his hard work and dedication Jett is now reading and writing at the level that is required of him. Jett’s confidence both in schooling and with friends has escalated and we are finding a much happier little man as a result of his treatment. I highly recommend anyone considering this treatment to give it a go. We found it absolutely priceless and are confident Jett’s future will be a bright one.


This remedial dyslexia therapy definitely helps children with reading difficulties to improve

None of my 4 children would finish reading a book by choice or even hardly attempt to start reading any book not essential for school work, this has completely changed, all of them have gained benefit from the dyslexia therapy


Andrew says that the program worked a lot and has helped him improve in spelling, reading, handwriting and sport.  It has increased his confidence in general.  We no longer have lots of tears and arguments when reading!

I heard about the program from a friend who said it worked wonders for her daughter and filed the information for future use if ever I needed to know – which I did.  It is amazing that a visual issue can be the cause of dyslexia but even more amazing that people don’t realise this and are not aware that it can be fixed.  The people I have recommended the program to have all been overjoyed with the results for their children too. Thanks so much.


I would highly recommend anybody who is thinking about using this program! Hayden had always struggled at school and I had always had a feeling that he was dyslexic but did not receive a formal diagnosis. Hayden had seen a speech pathologist since 3 yrs of age, OT for fine motor control and especially pencil grip and a psychologist which basically said that Hayden will always struggle at school.  By the end of Grade 3 Hayden knew himself that he was a long way behind compared to peers and was really hating school and getting really frustrated, not only at school but also at home. We decided to withdraw him from the school system and start home schooling and take him right back to the basics and start again. Hayden made steady progress but still found reading, writing and numbers difficult. A friend found your program and suggested it to us for Hayden. Since completing the 10 days intensive program, there is no comparison to the daily struggles we had prior. Hayden actually now enjoys reading and writing and it is no longer a daily struggle. Hayden’s recall and memory for maths continue to improve as well as spelling and comprehension. Hayden’s confidence has increased and he can no look forward to a more positive future knowing that his eyesight and brain function have been corrected.

Thankyou for a wonderful programme that sets our children free from dyslexia.