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My daughter has struggled with all aspects of life. Listening, understanding, co-ordination, social skills, motor skills, concentration, and up to this point she has always felt alone and left out. From nine months old I knew something was not quite right, but bi- annually hearing and eye tests from birth though age 8 have all come back normal and over and over Chloe was put into the category of just not being all that bright.

As she came to the end of grade 1 she was falling behind so much more and becoming a real struggle. Chloe had a friend with similar problems who had just undergone the treatment at the Allison Lawson clinic and I could not believe the changes. Investigating further I got on to the Website and looked up symptoms and well she had every single one.

So that day she was booked in for her assessment.

The treatment was intense but as a very desperate parent who would do anything for my child I knew this was it.

4 months on and Chloe has already caught up on most of her schooling now taking part in the class room activities with all the other children. Her memory and concentration have improved dramatically and is helping in her everyday life.

I can not thank the Allison Lawson clinic enough.


My daughter was very hesitant to start the program but Fiona was fantastic with her. She was made to feel comfortable as soon as she walked in and looked forward to coming back everyday. Her memory has improved and now she has the task of relearning everything she has missed in her early schooling.


Before starting the program for 7 years we received the same results, this is not just from the school but also from the extra tutoring classes he was attending. He was always one year behind his classmates, and over time he was getting upset and lacking confidence .

One day I came across a piece in current affairs, I googled and my son ticked all the boxes for Dyslexia. We finished the program in December 2015. In his first term in 2016 as a year 8 student he passed every subject, his lowest mark was 60% and that was because he was still adjusting. He was retested again and got 88% and this is without any further tutoring. He’s become this confident young man and who seems to know everything. He was voted as class captain and had no hesitation when he presented his speech.

At the being of this term (term2) we attended the parent/teacher interview, and all teachers mentioned he is a very a talented student academically he is doing so well, something that was unheard off for the last several years. We are so grateful to The Alison Lawson Centre for making this happen. Thank you for your support and guidance.


We have noticed a great improvement in my son’s handwriting since he attended the Alison Lawson clinic. He has gone from writing large, messy printed script to small, legible cursive script. This has helped him greatly in his English class and the teachers have noted that both his script and the content of his writing has improved as he no longer struggles to put pen to paper.